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Our premises in Sanitz includes 3500qm.
Everything here is in the sign of the star:

Mercedes Parts
In addition to new, accessories, used parts, we also provide spare parts such as regenerated Drive shafts and repaired parts, such as Engines & Transmissions on. A part of our product range Click here to go to see on our website.

In our master workshop, we offer special services such as classic cars Engine, carburetor, ignition system set up to Mercedes restorations.

German SPOB Our team is available with over 15 years experience in the areas of Mercedes car production and construction, repair & replacement services as well as classic car and restoration services with advice and practical help.

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Größere Kartenansicht
--- German SPOB GmbH, Fritz Reuter Strasse 13, 18190 Sanitz, Germany---
--Phon +49 38209 490320, Fax +49 38209 490340--